Heera Star Anise, 50g

The star anise pod is dried before use as a spice, which turns it a deep brown or rust colour. The pods have six to eight prongs, each containing a single seed. Both the seeds and the pod contain the sweet, potent anise flavour.


Star anise is mainly used for culinary purposes, especially in Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines, and/or added to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Star anise powder is also combined with cloves, fennel seeds, Chinese cinnamon and Sichuan pepper to make Chinese five-spice powder.

The star anise plant has decorative purposes too, especially in tropical climates, because of its small, scented flowers and fragrant leaves.

Lastly, star anise can have medicinal purposes. In traditional Chinese medicine, this spice was known as a stimulant and expectorant that helps relieve flatulence and increase libido. Star anise’s seeds can also help aid digestion when you chew on them, and using star anise in tea can help alleviate certain diseases


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