Fresh Avocado, 500-600g (approx)

Low in fat, no cholesterol, good source of protein, potassium, iron, and vitamins C and B. Use fresh and in salads, guacamole and dips.



Avocado is among the best natural foods. Avocado contains high amount of natural “good” monounsaturated fat, dietary fibers and potassium which helps in controlling blood sugar.

In india, Avocado is grown in the southern part, specially Kerala, Karnataka an Tamilnadu where they are frequently used for making milkshakes and ice-cream.

Guava is also known as Amrood in Hindi, Perakka in Malayalam, Koyyapazham, Segappu koyyaa in Tamil, Jaamapandu in Telugu, Seebe / Pyarilhannu / Sibe Hannu / Perale in Kannada, Payara in Bengali, Jamrukh / Jam Phal in Gujarati, Peroo in Marathi.


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