Fermented Banku Flour – Banku-Mix, Praise 1kg

Banku mix (Praise Brand) is an indigenous fermented meal which is a mixture of maize and cassava, commonly eaten in Ghana.



Banku is a dish commonly eaten in Ghana, it is prepared by mixing fermented corn and cassava dough in varied proportions. Served with soup, stew or pepper sauce. This is a flour mix and very easy to prepare. Praise Banku-Mix flour doesn’t have any preservatives. To make banku from the mix flour, you will need to add water to your banku flour mix, stir until it isn’t lumpy before heating it up on the stove. Keep stirring your banku up until it gets thick. Add salt to taste.

Storage: Banku mix flour Must be stored in a cool dry place. For lengthy storage, keep in an airtight container.


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