Coriander Seeds (Whole Dhania) – TRS

TRS Whole Dhania (Coriander Seed) has a mild but very distinctive warm aroma with a sweet fruity and pungent flavour. Whole roasted Coriander is widely used in cooking. Coriander Powder is the main ingredient in most curry powders.


Coriander seeds are commonly used in Indian, as well as Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. Coriander seeds bring warm, aromatic flavour to the dish. Coriander seeds can be converted into Coriander powder after lightly roasting. It is an important spice ingredient in Indian spice mixtures like Garam masala, Subzi masala, Sambhar powder, rasam powder. Coriander seeds is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

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100g, 250g, 750g


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