Ultimalt Drink, 330ml

Made with the finest ingredients sourced from the UK and brewed in an award winning brewery, this premium, non alcoholic malt drink has been produced to standards so high that it is in a league of its own.



Ultimalt is the Modern Malt in look, feel & taste. Enjoy its delicious malty flavour with no after taste. This non-alcoholic malt drink is enriched with B5 vitamin for nourishing goodness and is also free from preservatives. Ultimalt is made using an authentic African recipe but brewed and canned using the most advanced British and European processes. The result is a tastier, healthier & lighter malt drink.

Ultimalt has been described as a perfect combination of sweet satisfaction and rich creaminess, providing a delicious malty flavour. Enriched with B vitamins and no added preservatives, Ultimalt is set to become a well-known soft drink in all African and Caribbean households in the UK. Ultimalt has been made by malt lovers for malt lovers with years of experience in the malt industry. This experience has resulted in careful consideration going into every aspect of the development of Ultimalt, even down to the bespoke bottle.

A large-scale marketing campaign is being rolled out in 2011 to increase brand awareness within the African Caribbean community, including a text and win consumer competition – the first of its kind in the malt category.


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