Noodles Shin Ramyun Soup – Nongshim, 120g

They are hot and spicy instant noodles from Korea. The soft and chewy noodle combined with the spicy beef broth creates the perfect recipe that will please any palate. Cook your delicious meal in about 5 minutes.



You might be surprised by the level of spiciness at first, but the delicious mélange of flavours will soon have you crave for more. The excellent spicy flavour, cooked with beef, mushrooms, and carrots, was inspired by the world’s finest peppers, and has become a typical flavour of Korea that soon became globally known.

Noodles (Wheat Flour, Palm Oil, Potato Starch, Salt)Soup Powder (Salt, Red Pepper, Garlic, Black Pepper, Onion Sugar, Soy Bean Paste Powder) Vegetable Powder (Dried Green Onion, Dried Carrot, Dried Mushroom, Dried Red Pepper)Powder, Flavour Enhancers E621, E627, E631, Soy Sauce Powder.


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