Malta Guinness Drink, 330ml

Non Alcoholic Premium Malt Drink
A unique and delicious non-alcoholic malt drink, packed full of the finest ingredients and added vitamins for that “top of the world” feeling! guaranteed
Premium malt goodness inside & out
Alcohol free
Goodness, energy and vitality
With extra B-vitamins
Nigerian mark of quality



Carbonated Water, Sugar, Maize, Sorghum, Barley Malt Extract (10%), Sorghum Malt (2%), Colour: E150D, Hops, Stabilizer: E405

Contains no artificial colours or artificial flavours

Suitable for vegetarians

Refreshing rich malt drink. Filled with vitamins and other natural ingredients.

Traditional malt drink with huge followership in Africa. Malta Guinness comes with the premium quality guarantee.



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