Haldiram’s Kabuli Chana, 200g

This is a delicious gram seeds snack from Haldiram.



Open a pack of Haldirams Kabuli Chana that is made from black gram to enjoy a fun weekend at home watching a movie marathon with your loved ones. This crunchy, delightful treat has a sour and spicy taste that is enhanced by Indian spices.

Haldiram’s Kabuli Chana 200g
Definition: Haldiram’s Kabuli Chana is one of the tastiest snacks around. It is laced with the most mouth-watering spices, but is full of health benefits. This highly crunchy snack is perfect for all occasions.

Different names: Chana is known by names such as Kala Chana or ‘black peas’ and Chickpeas. The name ‘black peas’ should not be confused with American Black Eyed Peas. The difference here is that Chana is only slightly darker and smaller than Garbanzo Beans and other beans grown in the more temperate regions or countries in the world, such as in the USA. Chana beans are legumes and as such have a wealth of nutritional benefit. Traditionally, these are dried, boiled and enjoyed with meals. As a snack, their health benefit increases due to the presence of various spices.

Use of Products: There are many ways to enjoy Kabuli Chana, apart from in snacks. For instance, you can add chana in salads to augment its nutritious value. Since it is a rich source of plant protein, this is a fantastic option for vegetarians who don’t like animal protein. Chana can also be sprinkled with spices like red chilli and coriander to be enjoyed.

Benefits: There are many benefits of kabuli chana which contains Bengal gram, red chilli powder, edible common salt, ginger powder, black salt, onion powder, black pepper and much more.

· First of all, this is a fantastic source of dietary fibre. Chana is a legume and as such has all the benefits of one. It comes with 13 grams worth of dietary fibre. What does dietary fibre do by the way? It’s not exactly tasty and it is not something whose intake you’ll notice. However, these help in the regulation of blood sugar. According to medical research, you should take around 12 to 18 grams of fibre each day based on a 2000 calorie diet.
·Chana is a fantastic source of sodium and potassium: The body needs these external substances to keep functioning normally, as long as the dose does not exceed of course. It will be interesting to note that a cup of chana contains nearly 500 mg of potassium along with 11 mg of sodium. Sodium is important for water retention in the body, but also increases blood pressure. To negate its impact, you need potassium which reduces blood pressure.
·Rich source of calcium, iron and folate: The body needs many substances, including iron, folate and calcium. Legumes such as chana are a rich source of all these substances. Did you know that if you boil one cup of chana you get 4.7 mg iron, which is in fact 28% of your body’s required iron in a daily diet? In addition, you get 80 mg calcium and 82 mg folate.

When it is highly preferred: Haldiram’s Kabuli Chana is a snack item which means that you can enjoy it during snack times and at tea times.


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