Ground Ogbono (Bush Mango) – Sun Bay, 70g

Ogbono is the dried seed of the African mango tree, and it is ground and used as a powerful thickener for dishes, to which it also imparts an earthy flavour.



Also known as bush Mango Seeds, this seed is found in the wilds of Africa. The seeds are packed with protein and nutrients and are widely known for it’s health benefits. Our Ogbono is deliciously aromatic, adds a thickening consistency and an incredible nutty flavour to rich West African Soups/Stews. Our ogbono is harvested and processed at its peak which leads to a much thicker consistency when used in cooking.

Ogbono soup is a Nigerian dish created using ground ogbono seeds, with considerable local variation. The floor ogbono seeds are employed as a thickener, and supply the soup a dark coloration. Besides seeds, water and palm oil, it typically contains meat, seasonings such as for instance chili pepper, leaf vegetables and other vegetables. Typical leaf vegetables include bitter leaf and celosia. Typical other vegetables include tomatoes and okra. Typical seasonings include chiles, onions, and iru (fermented locust beans). Typical meats include beef, goat, fish, chicken, bush meat, shrimp, or crayfish. It may be eaten with fufu, pounded yam, or with rice. In other countries the soup may be accessible in packaged prepared form in a few markets that specialize in Western African foods.


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