Grace Ginger Beer, 330ml

Grace Ginger Beer is a Jamaican style spicy Ginger Beer made by Grace Foods in the USA. The drink is available to buy in several countries all over the world including the USA, Canada, the UK and parts of Africa.



When poured Grace ginger beer is a lightly cloudy, translucent drink with a very pale yellow hue that becomes watery towards the rim of the glass.
The lively carbonation soon settles, and on the nose a spicy, peppery ginger note catches (think of wasabi). The warmth of the ginger is lightened by a fresh lemon citrus, reminding me of lemon barley and citronella.

By the time this hits the palate the carbonation is creamy, and the flavours open on a very light, sweet lemon citrus theme. Again the texture reminds me of barley water, marked by a touch of oil. Then the ginger flavours make a late entrance and gather in strength, to explode finally on a long finish containing warm notes of chilli pepper and cordial.

Tradtional taste of the Caribbean
Refreshes, revitalises and energises you
Great thirst quenching drink.


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