Ginger Beer – Schweppes, 330ml

Schweppes is a great British icon of adult soft drinks that can be enjoyed on its own or as mixers with your favourite beverage. Schweppes Ginger Beer is a sparkling soft drink with extract of ginger.



Sparkling Soft Drink with Extract of Ginger.

Great Tasting Schweppes Ginger Beer with a Sweet, Spicy Flavour that can only be Schweppes!

Schweppes makes a unique sparkling drink with a bright taste of ginger since 1870. This Ginger Beer doubles as a classic drinking sensation or an elegant mixer.

Do you speak Schweppes? Have you ever been to Schweppeshire, UK… Located “near Britain’s heartland?” Have you ever spent a jolly good fortnight Schwepping around England? If your do you’ll find the UK’s favourite ginger sensation.

One taste and you’ll realize this is another great product from the reputable name of Schweppes.

Schweppes knows the ginger plant is a perennial creeper which requires a tropical climate with heavy rainfall… Then Schweppes waits for the hot dry season for cultivation. Adding the finest ingredients along with careful processing makes this delicious ginger treat just for you!


Carbonated Water,Sugar,Flavourings (Including Ginger Root Extract),Citric Acid,Acidity Regulator (E331),Stabilisers (E999, Modified Starch, E445),Preservative (E211),Sweetener (Sodium Saccharin)


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