Fresh Turmic Haldi Whole

Turmeric gives a beautiful colour to rice and meats and is a popular ingredient in curry dishes, in different types of biryani.



Turmeric is an edible root that grows underground horizontally and is known for its bright yellow colour. It holds a bit of mystical element, yet is prized for its healing powers. The fresh root has a pleasantly mild, delicate yet distinct flavour, described as earthy and bitter with a slight hint of sweetness and citrus; it is surprisingly juicy and crisp to the bite. It’s related to ginger, looking and tasting vaguely similar. The white variety has a lighter flesh colour yet holds a stronger flavour.

Turmeric is one the most thoroughly researched plants in existence today. Its medicinal properties and components (primarily curcumin) have been extensively studied, with this sacred plant revealing huge potential preventive and therapeutic applications.


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