Cheese Bread Mix – Yoki, 250g

Cheese Bread Mix is easy to cook by just adding milk and egg. Crunchy crust and soft dough. Popular product from Brazil. Perfect as a snack too.



Easy to prepare. The Cheese Bread is a typical Brazilian preparation, being found in the recipe books in all regions of Brazil. Its basic ingredients are tapioca starch, eggs and cheese. The main characteristics of this product are the crunchiness of the crust and the softness of the dough, it also has a very pleasant cheese and tapioca flavour. It is usually eaten as an appetizer in restaurants, with tea, and specially with a delicious cup of coffee. The Yoki Cheese Bread is very easily done, does not demand special skills and has all the characteristics of a home made cheese bread.

Ingredients are tapioca starch, eggs and cheese.


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