Basmati & Wild – Atry, 500g

The best combination of the mysterious East and the Wild West – this blend of the finest fragrant and exotic rice creates a delicious combination to make a luxuriously different and delicious looking meal.


Naturally sun-kissed, matured grains for exceptional taste
Broken grains removed to ensure a light, fluffy texture
Each batch purity tested to remove inferior grains
For half a century we’ve known that Basmati belongs at the heart of every home and the centre of every table.
Our love for this ancient delicacy means we never compromise; only exceptional is ever good enough to carry our name.
Using the finest quality grains means our Basmati is simply full of natural goodness and a long, fluffy texture that you’ll adore from the very first taste.
Your kitchen deserves the best; trust us to bring you rice like no other you’ll find on Earth and that you’ll always be proud to serve.


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